28.07. 2014

Pyjama party

Hey guys, so I hope you are looking forward for our VIP party in Thursday, 31.07 This time for us girls prepared a slumber party ..... this I love ,your sexy negligee take me too ..... are wandering to be in a bed with 30 chicks all night ...... A program will be great, come check it out, whether I am not alone ...... 9:30pm it will start ..... so you on Thursday, your faithful reporter Joe Casanova…

21.07. 2014

Hot report

This week we have news from K5 editor Joe Casanova. I discovered some new girls again!

First I tried a new duo of Ukrainian girls Sofia and Adriana - blood and milk, both 20 years old, one blond hair , one black hair, simply perfect sausages ..... then I had a craving for a bit of romance and took me cute blond lady -Mariana-beautiful already on glance, two words-inexperienced pet ...... then stuck my eyes on a quiet unobtrusive Donna with beautiful smile and eyes , 29 years old, just a girl who know what she want .... I've been without force, so I send more info next week ..... Enjoy!

07.07. 2014

News News News

Dear customers,
The World Cup comes to the end and we would like to remind you that you still have the chance to come and watch the matches of the semifinals and the finals here at K5.
Already from tomorrow we will have Brazil vs Germany and the Netherlands vs Argentina on Wednesday.
We inform all of you that we had a welcome return here to K5.
In fact, after more than three years has returned Priscilla a brazilian beaty from Rio de Janeiro.
So what are you waiting for? Come and enjoy the K5 Relax magical atmosphere .

30.06. 2014


Dear K5 friends,

This week we would like to inform you about some K5’s great returnes.

After a short time returned brunette LILY, czech girl living and working in Berlin. We hope that will stay with us couple of days. This tall young girl is known for her temperament, very open access to our guests and sports atractive figure.

Last weekend we also welcomed 2 our „constant stars“ and good friends – MEL and SYNTHIE. This czech girls are also popular for them famour dance numbers. Mel has a perfect real tits and Synthie sporty slim trained body.

The last great return is Slovakian brunette SAMANTHA, girl always in a good mood. She is also very plesant cheerfull young lady with feminine curves and extra real big tits…
Of course that all of them speaks perfect English!

Hope to see you all soon
Your K5 Relax team

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